Rainbow Video

Rainbow has a sometimes uncomfortable relationship with technology and you can’t just walk around with a video camera recording what you see.

And yet it’s just another medium open to us and can be an amazing vehicle to spread the spirit when employed to make works of art.

The Rainbow Musical

The Rainbow musical was a moment of such intense celebration of our culture, the product of a lot of hard work and love.

Thank You Rainbow

This is a beautiful film by Olli Ylinen shot at the 2011 EUropean Rainbow Gathering in Portugal. Olli is a heartfelt Rainbow brother from Finland and here he just lets various souls from the Gathering share their feelings about the Rainbow.

We Love You

This is a documentary about gatherings in America and the trouble they’ve encountered in clashes with the forest police.


Experience the Rainbow

Another documentary about the Gatherings in the US and this one is from way back in 1978 and it seems like not much has changed…