Here are some images from photographers who have taken time to share the beauty of the Rainbow through their eyes.

Benoit Paillé is a 26 year old French-Canadian photographer. Although he started studying medical biology for 3 years, he turned to fine arts and finally became a self-taught successful photographer. His photos were published in several publications around the world. He had exhibitions in Canada, Japan, L.A, Barcelona, Moscow and Ukraine, Paris. He often holds workshops about photography and art around the world – Paris, London, barcelona, Amsterdam,Mexico, Turino, etc. and he collaborates with an advertising agency. His many project is are about people , portraiture , and the night time.


Anton started his love affair with the photographic medium early on in his life. While still living in Russia at the age of 12 he learned the craft of printing his own images using his grandfathers primitive darkroom equipment. He would spend his allowance money on film and paper to capture his classmates’ images using a Smena 8 camera and then lock himself away overnight in the only bathroom in his parents Moscow apartment to emerge in the morning with a stack of prints, which he would joyfully give away to his friends later that day.

“The greatest universality that I find is shared by people around the world is Love. I devote my work to exposing that fact in the midst of the seemingly more chaotic times that this civilization is experiencing.”

You can see more of Anton’s work at


Denis is a self-taught photographer from Lithuania who combines the free spirit of vagabonding culture with his images. His site is

Images © Gabe Kirchheimer

Tuli Jitka Pořízková is from the Czech Republic and has been taking photos of the Rainbow since 2006.