No worse place to be sick than at a Rainbow Gathering

hippie healing

Really. There isn’t. See, throw half a chapatti in any direction at a Rainbow Gathering and you’ll hit half a dozen healers, shamans, students of alternative medicine and well wishers with a little book about Ayurveda. It seems no one thinks too much about politics or religion on the Rainbow but beliefs about health and… read more

Should the Rainbow Be Just for ‘The Family’ or Published Freely For All?

rainbow gatherings - the good old days?

After the disaster of the 2016 European Rainbow Gathering in the Alps, I was speaking to a brother and sister who have been to countless Rainbow Gatherings and they suggested that the future might be to prohibit any kind of publishing on the internet about upcoming Gatherings. ‘Maybe it should just be for Family,’ they… read more

The Seed Camp Disaster of the European Gathering 2016

rainbow gathering alps

I was there. That’s my only qualification for explaining what happened. It’s just my point of view and, like there are as many perspectives on what a Rainbow is as there are people who go to one, you’ll probably hear other stories about what went so wrong this summer. I’ll try to keep to the… read more

Rainbow Gatherings on the Internet

map and directions to rainbow gathering

I remember the excitement well. It was the 5th day of the vision council in the European Rainbow Gathering in Portugal in 2011 and after the talking stick had passed around enough times to settle any remaining doubts, concerns and quibbles, there was finally consensus that the the European Rainbow should not be represented on… read more

Storytelling at the Rainbow Gatherings

storytelling rainbow gatherings

Before I was ever a storyteller I was a writer and only when I began to realise how phenomenally difficult it is to get books published and read did I gravitate towards storytelling. At first it was for children on the beach in India, then maybe a girlfriend in an affectionate mood, and only slowly… read more

When Drunk Locals Meet Rainbow Crazies

I organise each June a little event called The Festival of Creativity in the Czech Republic and it resembles a luxury Rainbow Gathering; we eat in a circle, there are no phones or electricity, but we cook the food and dig the pits and prepare the firewood so there’s no work to do and people… read more

The Road Junky Festival of Creativity – a Luxury Rainbow Gathering?

rainbow festival?

When we organised the first edition of the Festival of Creativity in June, 2015, there was inevitably some criticism that we were trying to make a commercial Rainbow Gathering. After all, we ate in a circle twice a day, there was no electricity or alcohol, we made acoustic music and ran workshops – hey, we… read more

The Rainbow Musical

rainbow musical

How fast the years go. I have only to blink and I’m back in the Portugal European Rainbow Gathering of 2011 where I and about 20 others made the Rainbow Musical and made a dream come true. I turned up at the seed camp of the Gathering with a script I’d written while waiting for… read more

I Love You Family! At Least, I Love Some of You..

saint francis love

I was babysitting for a 3 year old girl the other day and, after telling her a story and suggesting she close her eyes to go to sleep, she wriggled with the joy of being alive and said: ‘I love…the whole world!’ How many times in each Rainbow Gathering do we hear someone cry out… read more

Is the Rainbow Gathering a Gay Parade?

gay rainbow parade - not a gathering!

Another story I was told about the Carpathian Rainbow Gathering this year was that the locals were under some misapprehensions about what a Rainbow is. It often happens that rumours spread in the nearby villages about the strange, possibly Satanic, cult gathered in the forest and, especially if Christianity still rules the minds of the… read more