When Drunk Locals Meet Rainbow Crazies

I organise each June a little event called The Festival of Creativity in the Czech Republic and it resembles a luxury Rainbow Gathering; we eat in a circle, there are no phones or electricity, but we cook the food and dig the pits and prepare the firewood so there’s no work to do and people can just go to workshops after workshop and hang out making music. Although it’s a cheap festival the necessity to pay something is a natural filter to discourage the more problematic personalities. Those with less than stable psyches seem to prefer events like the Rainbow Gatherings were the food and shelter is provided for free.


As joyful and inspiring as the festival was, it was also true that I missed the chaos a little.

Arriving to the European Rainbow Gathering it was fun to see the eccentric figures who roamed around in improvised costumes, howled at the stars and strived in various ways to become the center of attention. Will anyone forget the English brother who walked around for the entire Gathering calling BoooopBoooooopBooop?

Others were just annoying such as the brother who called himself by an honorary Indian title and made striptease around the fire at night, convinced that he was the star performer on a stage and that we had gathered around just for him. Playing with himself, talking loudly all the time and waving around logs from the fire as though they were penis extensions, he was one reason I hardly ever went to the main fire.

And yet.

I arrived late to the Rainbow Gathering in the Carpathians and heard the stories of the past month as people packed up their tipis. That particular brother had turned up and been even more annoying than before, even intimidating at times. But when 3 local guys came along to drink beer and laugh derisively at all they saw, it was our naked madman who rose to the occasion. He stood before them, hairy and naked, with a big grin on his face and hit a little bell with a wooden hammer. The locals stood up and backed off a little, quite unnerved, and he advanced and hit the bell again, causing them to move even further back.

He continued herding them up the hill until they were a good distance away from the fire and there they remained, not bothering anyone again for the rest of the evening.