Giving out 50 copies of Somewhere Under the Rainbow at the European Gathering

book about rainbow gatherings

Photo by Joth Shakerley

I had the crazy idea this summer at the European Rainbow Gathering in Lithuania to print up 50 copies of my book about the Rainbow and give them away to people in the circle.

It was an expensive mission and the books got held up for 2 weeks by the customs control (I ordered them from Amazon and only realised too late that they would be sent from America) and I had to make a trip to Riga to bring back 20kg of books but then it was such a pleasure to pull them out of my bag and give them to some of the people in the Rainbow whose energy I’ve always appreciated the most.

But they couldn’t keep them. I wrote inside the front cover:

This book is a traveller – please pass it on! 

And the recipients wrote their names inside so that each new reader could see with whom the book had travelled until now.

I’m hoping that the books will travel around the world and be given to travellers in the strangest places and ultimately inspire new people to come to the Rainbow Gatherings and find their true colours. Sure, some might be used to fix a wobbly table leg or to start a fire in a rain storm but if those 50 books can reach 20 people each then that’s a thousand more people who get to read the stories.

Hey, maybe someone will even buy the book!